Mr. & Mrs. Harris

On the 5th of September in the heart of Illovo,

Kirsten and James exchanged their vows amongst all of their loved ones at the gorgeous Villa Spa resort.

Their two little fur babies Lola and Lou weren't there to celebrate with them but they were definitely there in spirit and little reminders of them were everywhere to be seen...

Where do I even begin? Happiness, laughter, and tears of joy were the theme of the day but perhaps the best way to start is by saying that a love like this, the love that Kirsten and James found in each other, reminds me why I genuinely love what I do. This year has been nothing short of a roller coaster of emotions but perhaps we need to admit that we have all been forced to learn the most valuable lesson of all;

  • Love is all we have.

As a wedding photographer, I've learned that nothing can evoke more emotion in the human soul than an unwritten script.

That's the beauty of small intimate weddings, having the freedom to allow moments to unfold just as they're meant to, without any constricting timelines or expectations. Being able to really pause and experience all of the immense surges of love throughout every detail of your special day. 

Before the Harris wedding, daisies were my favorite flowers. I've always been an absolute sucker for their beauty and the simplicity of their design but mostly that they don't need much to thrive, that even though they are technically weeds, they are still loved. All of this changed for me on the 5th of September, the very moment I laid eyes on the single sunflower that James had sent to Kirsten's room on the morning of their big day. One of the groomsmen placed it in my hand and requested that I give it to Kirsten as a gift. That moment I had an epiphany. You see, we all know that sunflowers follow the sun, but most people don't know that when it's cloudy and overcast, sunflowers face each other, and without question or hesitation they share their energy. We're all so reliant on our partners for love, affection, hope, loyalty, companionship, and friendship, especially on our darkest days but what if we started measuring the depth of compatibility by how safe we are made to feel in our weaker moments rather than how great we inevitably feel around partners on our best days? I'm willing to bet that a love like this could withstand any storm and therefore last a lifetime.

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