Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Petersen

These two amazing humans will be making it official in just a couple of months.

We will be celebrating their wedding at the ever so gorgeous San Lameer resort hotel.

From the moment we met, we just clicked.

This doesn't always happen in the world of photography, and so it made the entire experience all the more memorable and fun!

It's so important for a documentary style photographer to create a deep bond with couples well before the wedding date.

The bride and groom will feel more comfortable to ''express their emotions'' whilst being photographed.

Comfort equals creativity...

Having this connection with your wedding photographer will undoubtedly result in better raw,

candid photographs of the moments that really count.

Just like fate would have it, the rain started to fall just minutes after I placed my camera around my neck!

But we all decided to keep wearing our biggest smiles (and me my trusty bright pink raincoat of course).

I'm so in love with this rainy beach session!

I need to do more of these...


Hair & Makeup: