There are many reasons why we think engagement photo sessions or ''pre-wedding sessions'' are essential for couples before their wedding day.

Precisely what is an engagement session? Why are engagement sessions a thing? What purpose does an engagement session serve? Aren't engagement sessions super cheesy?

Many of these questions may have gone through your mind during your proposal, engagement, or wedding planning process.

An engagement session is essential for several reasons, mainly to celebrate! You said yes!

It's an incredible opportunity to be adventurous with the person you've decided to marry. Engagement sessions ease any pesky nerves you may have, and you get the chance to genuinely bond with your chosen photographer and realize just how comfortable they may make you feel in front of the camera.

It allows you to play with different directions, explore ways of being together and will give you the confidence to relax and go with the flow as your wedding day unfolds. It's a great way to figure out what works for both of you, resulting in more photos that you will undoubtedly love at your wedding.

Getting comfortable looking at photographs of yourself is so important. When you receive your engagement photographs, take the time to look at how much your love for each other beams and what a stunning human your partner believes you to be. Another big plus is that you'll be able to use some of your favorites for save the date cards and wedding website route.

Whatever reason you choose to have an engagement session, we promise you won't regret it!