So you've finally chosen the perfect venue and you are now ready to make the next big decision,

for most couples, this would be choosing your photographer. 

A decision that impacts on how the memories of your special day will live

to tell the story for the rest of your life. 


Every photographer has a unique approach to how they capture the fine details of the day.

It's crucial to understand and to know how to differentiate these unique styles before booking a photographer.

You will find that some photographers prefer to go the way of your traditional orchestrated images where the scene is posed and constructed before being photographed as opposed to photographers such as myself who prefer to document your day as naturally as possible.

"I love the authenticity and romance behind shooting a natural moment, with natural light, exactly the way it unfolds,

raw emotions, where you can see the bride and grooms comfort with both the moment and each other. Real, Raw emotions."

Here are three basic examples of wedding photography styles that can easily be identified:

Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal

Documentary Wedding Photography:

Often mixed with traditional wedding photography, this style resembles reportage and documentary shooting, in which the photographer takes on a more natural approach in telling the story of the day, mostly using natural light. 

Traditional wedding photography is often used only during family portraits. A lot of creativity is required for this wedding photography style, not to mention some serious skill in quickly aiming,adjusting camera settings, framing, and shooting as moments unfold around the photographer.

The result is obviously more natural.

This style results in natural images that will evoke a flood of emotions.

Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal

Traditional Wedding


Wedding photo albums tend to include a lot of traditional shots. These are usually classic and posed, such as group shots of the couple with the entourage and their families, shots of the cake cutting and wine toasting, and the first kiss of the couple as husband and wife. 

Though photographers have been practicing this style for decades, both shooters and clients find that its the best way to achieve key shots of the day and timeless photos of the couples friends and family together.

This style typically requires the photographer to get involved in guiding, directing and posing the wedding party for photos.

Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal

Editorial Wedding


Editorial photographers use creativity to generate high visual impact and quality posed images. 

This wedding photography style has a luxurious and dramatic look and feel, also a lot of editing is required during the post production to develop these types of images. 

This style of photography gives the photographers style in the photos as opposed to the mood of the wedding.

Every photographer has a unique approach as to how they capture all the fine details of the day,

so keep on mind that there is no right or wrong way, that is the beauty of art.

Now that it's easier to differentiate a few commonly known different wedding photography styles, take the time to browse through the portfolios of different photographers to get a sense of your own personal taste and expectations.  

Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal
Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal
Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal
Port Edward wedding photographer, KwaZulu-Natal


Once you've narrowed down your short list to two or three potential photographers, meet with each in person (or by video chat if logistics are tough)

to see if you feel comfortable around them. I cannot stress enough, how important this is, almost as crucial as their skills behind the camera. 

 Ultimately, you will be sharing all of your priceless wedding day moments with your photographer by your side and if you're at ease,

you'll not only enjoy yourself more, but your photographer will also get better shots. Win-win!

Aside from your gut instinct,

ask these questions before choosing a photographer:

1. Please Specify what each of your wedding packages includes? Why you need to know:

Most photographers describe each of their available wedding packages in detail on their websites. When we look at wedding packages we often get distracted with what I like to call ''tinsel'' added little extras that quite honestly don't add value over all. For example prints.

Understanding why most photographers do not offer RAW images:

Once again with the growth of social media and the increase in popularity of newbie photographers, it is becoming increasingly popular 

for couples to request raw files from their photographers. RAW files are unedited files straight out of the camera and therefore are not an accurate

representation of a photographers work or brand. I have the perfect analogy for this: 

If you ordered a cake from the best bakery in town, would you expect the baker to deliver you a tray full of the ingredients? 

I wouldn't. I hired the baker for a cake. Not an unfinished product. To me, it is vital to only deliver products that meet my standard of excellence.

Clients hire me based on my portfolio: My finished work. Editing an image is part of that process.

2. Please explain the editing process? Why you want to know: 

After the wedding day your photographer will cull, color balance and retouch your collection, These are techniques photographers use to make images look perfect. 

Some photographers will polish every individual photograph, while others will show you untouched proofs and work their magic only on the images you order or in some cases only do advanced retouching on a selected amount of your entire collection. I for instance polish every single image individually.

3. What are the complications of booking a wedding package which includes Drone Images? Why you want to know: 

As we have all become a custom to the natural beauty and difference in drone images the demand for a drone photo on your day has become more and more popular it is very important that you are aware of its limitations. As much as your photographer would love to use their drone at any opportunity, it is almost impossible for them to guaranty that it will be possible on the day, from rain and wind to even the surrounding areas legal restrictions. 

You will need to keep this all in mind if you have a specific aerial shot for the day in mind. 

4. Ask about your timeline and ask for helpful suggestions. Why you need to ask:

A well experienced and well-organized photographer will ensure that the order of the day will run smoothly which in return results in more

beautiful images thanks to more ''time''. There are obviously many different influences that do impact the timeline of your day but your

photographer will often have the best suggestions on how to make it all come together while still having enough time and more

importantly enough light to get the beautiful images that you want.