Engagement Sessions


While your wedding day photos will probably be most important, engagement photos are a close second. The excitement you and your significant other will have during your engagement is unlike any other, and you'll want to capture that for a lifetime. Plus, the engagement shoot is the ideal opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera.

"One of the best ways to achieve the perfect engagement session is to just RELAX! When you show up as yourself, and only yourself, the photographs always turn out to be the best. Don't feel pressured to model or pose like anyone else, there's nothing more beautiful than a couple that is unafraid to be themselves. When you come on set and let loose, when you are silly, or cry happy tears, those are the best moments. Those are the moments you will want to remember for eternity.

Pricing & Packages


30 Min Session
40 Images
Online Gallery



45 Min Session
60 Images
Images received on Flash



60 Min Session
80 Images
Images received on Flash



Ideal time for an engagement session?

I always suggest having an engagement session done atleast 6 months before the wedding date as this allows for enough post production (Editing) time before sending save the dates.

What to wear to your Engagement session?

"Think about the end result when deciding what colors to wear. If you plan to use the images from your engagement session when sending out or displaying them at your wedding reception, wear colors that coordinate with your wedding color palette to maintain a cohesive look. Or consider wearing colors that pair well with your home décor if you intend to display them in your new home." Long flowy dresses, beautiful patterns and pastels are some of my favorites. Keep in mind that as long as what you and you're partner are wearing complements each other there is no need to wear exactly the same colors :)

Ideal Location?

"Choose a location that is meaningful to you, whether it be your favorite cafe, your living room, your favorite park, or even your favorite street near your home. Going to a location that you are familiar with will lend a hand in helping with you acting natural in a common space. Visiting a favorite spot opens up the doors to interact with your partner in a natural way—whether it be walking together holding hands, sipping wine on the beach, or enjoying a cup of coffee together. Engagement sessions aren't just about showing off your new bling—it is an excellent opportunity to get real photos showcasing the small moments you share with each other. Being in an environment that cultivates laughter, smiles, and hugs that you share on the daily is really conducive to a successful engagement session." I have done so many engagement sessions to date and I'm always open to making suggestions so please don't hesitate to ask :)